09 April 2018

Terrazzo 2.0


Images: a & b) Dzekdzekdzek, c) Chatelaine, d) Divisare, e & f) Frenchyfancy, g & h) Sofa Workshop.                                                    

07 December 2017

Marble Moment

Whether good or bad, a movie can keep me interested based purely on the quality of its set design. While watching The Only Living Boy in New York recently, I found myself generally enjoying the views I was getting of various New York city locations. But when the above scene came up of the protagonist returning to his family home, I almost swooned. Since I'm tall, I've always been a fan of kitchens that opt out of over-hanging cabinets, preferring to have an unencumbered prep area. Seeing the bare space above the counter tops used as a canvas for the beauty of slab marble was a first for me. Now my eye is trained to notice gray and white marble slab and I'm loving the dramatic effect. Though it's most often found in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces, I'd love to employ it on a wall in a woman's dressing room/closet. It would allow for the hard/soft textures and masculine/feminine contrast that creates balance in residential spaces. 


Images: 1) Roadside Attractions. 2) The New York Times. 3) Jeremiah Brent Design. 4) Yabu Pushelberg. 5) The Zhush.                                        

26 November 2017

Midi Skirt Moment

One of my favorite trends to come out of the Fall 2017 runways is that the midi skirt has been fully embraced. It has been making an appearance in the last couple of years, but there was no ignoring it during the Fall shows. Valentino, Dior and Carolina Herrera all featured strong looks with mid-calf length skirts. I've long been a fan of the tailored looks of the 1970s, of which the midi skirt is a staple, so I'm celebrating this development.  

 Victoria Beckham

Christian Dior

Carolina Herrera

Images: 1) Glamour. 2, 3 & 4) Vogue. 5 & 6) Pinterest.                             

26 August 2017

Feeling Pink

The color pink hasn't played a prominent role in my wardrobe or decor since my late teens when I deliberately abandoned it in favor of more grown-up hues. But the rose gold trend drew me back in to such a degree that I even covered one wall of my living room with a soft blush wallpaper (below). Ever committed to keeping a feminine/masculine balance, I planted a vintage Texan leather rocker in front of it to keep the pink from feeling too sweet. The wallpaper, it turns out, now represents the point of no return. For better or worse, I have embraced the pink.

 Images: 1) Anthropologie. 2) She Moves the Furniture. 3) Sazerac Stitches. 4) The Decorista. 5 & 6) Pinterest. 7) Instagram. 8) Remain Simple.
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