08 April 2016

Dressing Rooms

The last time I wrote a post about dressing rooms was 5 years ago and it makes me laugh to see that I had a good sense of what New York living would entail. At the time, I wasn't even considering a move to Manhattan. But when I closed my vintage furniture store in 2013, I began considering all options and New York quickly became the best one. I've lived in a couple of apartments now and clothing storage has proven challenging. So the dream of a big closet that can hold not only my clothes but an armchair and vanity table continues to be elusive. While these versions are practical and elegant, mine would be a little less formal. I would need boho and industrial touches to feel at home -- maybe a mudcloth armchair and a copper pipe wall-mounted fixture. But chances are that when I finally realize my dream of a big dressing room, my design scheme will have been revised several times over.                       

Images: 1) Tidbits & Twine. 2) Apartment Therapy. 3) Architectural Digest. 4) Hooked on Houses. 5) Traditional Home.                        

27 February 2016

Looking Back: RevivalSmith

Once in a while I find myself scrolling through photos of the vintage furniture shop I had in Philadelphia and I get a bit nostalgic about it all -- the pieces, the people I met and the creative freedom it allowed me. Though it was a struggle to stay in business, I gained too much from the experience to ever regret it. And ultimately taking a step towards my passion for creating inspiring spaces led me to a job I love, working as a visual merchandiser for ABC Carpet & Home. I have no desire to reverse the clock and be back in the shop, but I do get a lump in my throat looking at old photos and being reminded of the day-to-day moments that made up my time at RevivalSmith. These are just a few of the pieces that I got to live with for a time (some of them just cleaned up and others refinished). I'll admit I had a hard time letting the seltzer bottle lamps go -- definitely the ones that got away.

Images: RevivalSmith.

23 January 2016

Layered Linens

It's a blizzardy Saturday in New York city and I've only been trapped indoors for a few hours, but cabin fever is already beginning to hit. As I layered up to dig out my car after the first foot of snow had fallen, I found myself wishing I could skip the whole process and instead bury myself under layers of bedding. I've been hopping from sublet to sublet since the summer and what I miss most is my own bed and getting to switch up my linens as my mood dictates. Right now I'm loving these unfussy linens draped loosely with knits thrown over them haphazardly. They work as well in winter or summer and make for easy bed-making in the morning -- which leaves room for hitting the snooze button at least once.           

Images: 1) First Home. 2) Inrichting-huis. 3) Helt enkelt. 4) Nest Design Studio. 5) Interiors by Studio M. 6) Design Sponge.                        
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