07 March 2015

Film Interiors: Love and Other Disasters

Love and Other Disasters is one of those movies that I go back to every couple of years and continue to enjoy on both an aesthetic level and a personal one. Jacks is an English-born American who has returned to her home country to work as an assistant at Vogue UK and who lives with her gay best friend, an aspiring screenwriter. The radiant late Brittany Murphy plays Jacks and Matthew Rhys is her roommate Peter and the victim of her constant attempts to mend his frayed love life, even though her own needs as much work. Everything about the way she dresses and lives references Jacks' favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. The wardrobe and sets are gorgeous (especially the lead characters' apartment -- which a magazine assistant and struggling writer would never be able to afford) but beyond the froth is a lovely story about friendship and making yourself vulnerable in order to make room for love. There's also a hilarious cameo by Dawn French as Peter's shrink who shares her theory on the farting stages of a relationship that can't be missed.

   The entry/living room lets the paint and a few curated pieces of lighting and furniture set the mood.   

Every light fixture is a piece of art. The palette of dark gray and white is both sexy and serene.

The kitchen is on the industrial side, with a couple of mismatched stools and desk lamps for lighting.

A white bedroom with a few glass and silver touches sets the backdrop for Jacks' enviable wardrobe.

The divine Dawn French as a flaky, yet incisive, therapist with the requisite leather couch (which she lounges on instead of her client) and piles of books.

Brittany Murphy as Jacks, in her best Holly Golightly iteration.

Images: Image Entertainment.

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