26 August 2017

Feeling Pink

The color pink hasn't played a prominent role in my wardrobe or decor since my late teens when I deliberately abandoned it in favor of more grown-up hues. But the rose gold trend drew me back in to such a degree that I even covered one wall of my living room with a soft blush wallpaper (below). Ever committed to keeping a feminine/masculine balance, I planted a vintage Texan leather rocker in front of it to keep the pink from feeling too sweet. The wallpaper, it turns out, now represents the point of no return. For better or worse, I have embraced the pink.

 Images: 1) Anthropologie. 2) She Moves the Furniture. 3) Sazerac Stitches. 4) The Decorista. 5 & 6) Pinterest. 7) Instagram. 8) Remain Simple.
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