27 February 2016

Looking Back: RevivalSmith

Once in a while I find myself scrolling through photos of the vintage furniture shop I had in Philadelphia and I get a bit nostalgic about it all -- the pieces, the people I met and the creative freedom it allowed me. Though it was a struggle to stay in business, I gained too much from the experience to ever regret it. And ultimately taking a step towards my passion for creating inspiring spaces led me to a job I love, working as a visual merchandiser for ABC Carpet & Home. I have no desire to reverse the clock and be back in the shop, but I do get a lump in my throat looking at old photos and being reminded of the day-to-day moments that made up my time at RevivalSmith. These are just a few of the pieces that I got to live with for a time (some of them just cleaned up and others refinished). I'll admit I had a hard time letting the seltzer bottle lamps go -- definitely the ones that got away.

Images: RevivalSmith.
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