09 November 2012

History in Pictures

I've recently taken to browsing the history section of Pinterest with fascination at the images that I'm finding. Some (like the giant fallen sequoia tree above) bring up more questions than they answer -- How? Why? What next? Others feature an event in history that I knew about but never paused to consider the details. Sometimes it helps to remember where we once were (child labor, world war...) to appreciate the gains we have made. And sometimes you just need to wonder at the human capacity for both genius and stupidity.

 Children sleeping in the London underground during WW II

WW II war dogs

Child laborers in a textile mill

The construction of the Statue of Liberty in France

Unboxing the Statue of Liberty

After a house fire in Montreal, the building facade is thick with ice

Victorian bathing huts to preserve the modesty of naked bathers

Skyscraper window washers

Images: Pinterest.
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