15 November 2014

Bedside Non-Tables

As an extension of this post on mismatched bedside tables, I thought I'd look at bedrooms that make use of other furniture or stacks of items at the bedside. I'm always a fan of reinventing pieces that may not be needed for their intended purpose. And the unexpected keeps a room from feeling stale. Convention and trendiness are two sides of the decorating coin that get quite a bit of play. But risk is what gets my attention these days. Taking a chance on a color, a piece of furniture or a design idea that others may not understand is worth the effort if the result makes sense to you. As Billy Wilder said, "Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's."             

Images: 1) Muse and Co. 2) Nook & Sea. 3) Muchpics. 4) Homedit. 5) Vintage Luxe. 6) Uncovet. 7) Vtwonen. 8) La Dolce Vita. 9) Apartment Therapy.                 
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