20 January 2013

Dhurries, Suzanis and Other Rugs

As an extension of a post I wrote in April on boho chic, I thought I'd celebrate the beauty of dhurries, suzanis and other colorful  handmade rugs. Suzani rugs were originally created by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. They were expertly embroidered and were the basis of a girl's dowry, though all segments of society appreciated their value. Dhurrie rugs originate in India and are hand-loomed. Easily folded, they can be used in a variety of ways from window treatments to cushions to tablecloths. As these examples show, it's almost a shame to throw them on the floor.

Images:  Period Living February 2012. Desire to Inspire. Home Inspiration Design. Apartment Therapy. House Beautiful October 2012. Canadian House & Home March 2011. Elle Decor December 2012. House Beautiful December/January 2013.

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