05 July 2017

Where Art Meets Commerce

Aesop: Adelaide

What I'm drawn to in commercial design is the same idea that I'm drawn to in home environments -- I love to see an element of risk. The style may not reflect my own tastes but if I see something I've never seen before done successfully (whether in a Scandinavian country house or a minimalist hotel lobby), I'm an instant fan. Commercial spaces allow a designer to take an idea and see it through to an extreme that might feel cold or calculating in a residence. But because commercial visuals are designed to draw consumers in at least once, they can be over-the-top. Drama may not be welcomed in everyday life but in commercial design, it's bank. 

 Cafe Ato: Seoul

Wexler's Restaurant: San Francisco 

Herzog: Munich

The Kerry Hotel: Hong Kong

W Hotel: Bali

Vigoss Textile: Istanbul

Fast Bakery: Madrid

Citroen Flagship: Paris

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