28 January 2012


Every year around this time I get a craving for spring that can only be sated by a visit to Longwood Gardens -- more specifically to the massive greenhouse that is home to an ever-changing array of tropical plants and orchids. The combination of humidity (even man-made) and layer-upon-layer of fragrances is intoxicating. Whatever my mood going in, I leave with a fresh perspective and a reminder that winter does not last forever. Perhaps because of this yearly pilgrimage, I've developed a taste for bringing botanical elements into the home. Old classroom posters, book plates, terrariums, forced bulbs -- all are welcome. I'm sure it's no accident that the Philadelphia Flower Show takes place in March. Just when we're all suffering from snow fatigue and our skin has turned green from hibernation, along comes an invasion from the natural world. This year, I'm not waiting for the flower show. I'm staging a mini invasion of my own at home.

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