16 July 2013


Much like the chevron trend that I previously posted about here, the ombre trend has cast a wide net from hairstyles to fashion to home decor. The ombre effect is when colors or tones graduate into each other, often from light to dark. When it's done over a larger space, as with curtains or painted walls, the result is often visually inviting. There's something dreamy about the stairwell above that just makes you want to walk towards it. Ombre walls can mirror the effect of a paint wash, looking aged or weather-beaten in the best possible way. In smaller doses, as with the crystal chandelier below, the trend is given a nod without taking over a whole room. Though trends are inherently fleeting, when it comes to interiors, I hope this one has staying power. I'd also love to see it applied in the arena of landscaping -- an ombre succulent wall could be striking and who wouldn't be charmed by a field of ombre wildflowers?

Images: Desire to Inspire. Foundshop. Apartment Therapy. Lovely Interior Advice. Loverly. Sage Atelier. Pinterest. Elv's. Root and Blossom. Through the Front Door
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