17 February 2012


Having just watched the quirky French movie Park Benches (despite some laugh out loud moments, it's a bit too disjointed for me to recommend it), I thought I might focus my attention on benches in the home. Though I've been selling vintage furniture for three years now, the above bench is only the second one I've had in my inventory. Besides church pews, great benches have proven difficult to find. I shouldn't be surprised because they work in every room of the house -- in a foyer, a hallway, at the foot of a bed, or as seating for a farmhouse table. Where a sofa might be too bulky, a bench provides seating for more than one without taking up a lot of square footage. As with outdoor benches, they are most often used as places to take a pause -- a spot to put on shoes or peruse a book or grab a bite to eat. In green spaces, benches are often associated with lovers, young and old, pausing to lean on each other. Even inside the home, they carry a bit of that romance with them, which probably explains why people aren't often willing to let them go.

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