23 January 2016

Layered Linens

It's a blizzardy Saturday in New York city and I've only been trapped indoors for a few hours, but cabin fever is already beginning to hit. As I layered up to dig out my car after the first foot of snow had fallen, I found myself wishing I could skip the whole process and instead bury myself under layers of bedding. I've been hopping from sublet to sublet since the summer and what I miss most is my own bed and getting to switch up my linens as my mood dictates. Right now I'm loving these unfussy linens draped loosely with knits thrown over them haphazardly. They work as well in winter or summer and make for easy bed-making in the morning -- which leaves room for hitting the snooze button at least once.           

Images: 1) First Home. 2) Inrichting-huis. 3) Helt enkelt. 4) Nest Design Studio. 5) Interiors by Studio M. 6) Design Sponge.                        
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