31 August 2014

Street Style

I've been working in New York close to a year now and though there are a lot of things I find difficult about this city (noisy neighbors, circling my neighborhood to find parking, long lines at all my favorite grocery stores), finding inspiration isn't one of them. I never know what I'm going to see when I step outside of my apartment and the best people watching is definitely on the subway. Sometimes I wear my sunglasses so that I can observe my fellow travelers undetected. In my view, the only other city that rivals New York in creative street style is Cape Town. Seeing how other women put themselves together helps me see my own wardrobe from a new perspective and try combos I might not have considered before -- like the thin black belt I tied at my waist over a white lace blouse this morning. In home interiors as well as fashion, I'm a big fan of the high/low trend that's been happening for a couple of years now. A high end sofa with an Ikea throw slung over it or a pair of boyfriend jeans with a beaded blouse -- both make me happy. When lousy weather keeps me indoors, Pinterest plays substitute to roaming the streets and offers eye candy like these images.

Images: Pinterest.
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