16 June 2013

Half-Painted Walls

Lately I've been drawn to the idea of half-painted walls, with the colorful half on the bottom. A block of color at the base of a wall brings coziness to a large space or a room with high ceilings by bringing the eye down. It's a way to incorporate rich color without making a massive commitment and when the top half is kept white, almost any color base can be successful. And when a change is wanted, it's a lot less work to repaint.    

07 June 2013


I've always loved a salvaged door (as the barn door in my former living room above will attest). A great old door can separate two spaces or fill the role of headboard for an otherwise ordinary bed. When hung from the ceiling, windows can act as room dividers without blocking light. Or when propped on a console table, they introduce height to a grouping of found objects. Old signs that have nothing to do with a room's purpose add a bit of whimsy and fill the role of art at a fraction of the price. A room that otherwise leans toward the feminine finds balance when factory pieces are introduced. Chipping paint, cracks and rust are part of the appeal -- perfection is over-rated.

railroad sign

railway sleepers

English pub sign

garage door

architectural columns

 carnival ride & industrial baskets turned upside down

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