27 January 2011


Had I known that the last time I would have a walk-in closet was when I was a teenager, I probably would have made an effort to enjoy it more. Though it wasn't anything special, it did contain all of my clothing in one place -- which was a convenience I have since come to miss dearly. Since then, I've lived in dorm rooms, college apartments and old houses -- all of which have had either tiny closets or large closets with impossible access. The idea of assigning an entire room to function as a dressing room seems downright luxurious. With a space large enough to add a dresser and an armchair, I'm sure I would find reasons to hide out in my bunker of sorts. I suppose I should be grateful that I don't live in a shoebox in NYC, where I've heard ovens are often treated as an extension of the closet. Having to choose between baking and being well dressed is a mean predicament.

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14 January 2011


I recently purchased a set of five lockers and nearly cursed my decision when I had to unbolt about thirty hard-to-reach bolts to separate them into two parts so that I could get them home. But despite the effort required to transport them home, I've always loved these reliable institution dwellers. The upright variety are great in mudrooms for hanging coats and hiding boots, while the square cubby style looks great on a feature wall and provides extra storage for small treasures. Leaving one or two doors open beckons visitors to lean in for a closer view of its contents. Teen movies would have us believe these rows of tin soldiers were invented for bullies to lock away their marks. But anyone with imagination knows that they are only parked in schools and recreational centers until their true owners discover them cast aside at auctions and in antique shops.

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08 January 2011

Boxing Shelves

A new year often brings plans to get organized and I have the same good intentions as everyone else. My father loves to tell me that, as a girl, my room would gradually turn into a tornado disaster scene until I couldn't stand it anymore. I would then completely clean and re-organize, keeping my space perfect for a month or so until everything would deteriorate again. Unfortunately, a bit of that girl remains. These single drawers and clusters of boxes stacked on the floor or hung on walls don't do much to eliminate clutter, but they create gathering spots for pieces that shouldn't be tucked away. That leaves a little room in drawers and cupboards to hide the things no one wants to see.

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