22 February 2013

Film Interiors: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Picking up where Coco before Chanel leaves off, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky tells of Chanel's affair with a married Stravinsky. Having worked her way out of poverty and dependence on her lovers, Chanel invites the Russian composer and his family to stay at her country house. The house is a pure reflection of Chanel's tastes and its uniform style (almost all black and white with art deco lines) is testament to her independence. When shown her bedroom, Stravinsky's wife Katarina asks Chanel if she doesn't like color. Chanel responds that she likes black. The few pieces of color are provided by Katarina's tapestries, which she drapes around her bedroom in an effort to make it feel more like home. The bedrooms are the most dramatic spaces -- I particularly love the Moorish touches in the girls' room, punctuated by banners that hang from the ceiling around the entire room.

Hallway leading to the music room.

The Stravinskys' bedroom.

Girls' room.

Coco's bedroom.

Coco's bathroom.

Music room and dining room.

Perfume factory and shop atelier.

Chanel boutique.

Images: Sony Classics.
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