12 February 2017


Maybe it's because 1970s boho style represents a vital strand of my design tastes, but I've recently found my eye drawn to design elements that incorporate or find inspiration from agate, geodes and other minerals. I received an agate cheese plate for Christmas (which I love despite the fact that I'm vegan) and I've since been paying more attention to other pieces I might add to what I hope will become a small collection. Agate is essentially quartz and it occurs in bands of various colors. I'm drawn to plum and eggplant shades but there are plenty of neutral options for those who prefer a muted palette. Our senses are engaged by contrasts so an element of agate is the perfect addition to an otherwise soft, feminine space. When used as a wall slab or art, it centers a space and needs no embellishment.


Images: 1) Emporium Home. 2) Anthropologie. 3) 1st Dibs. 4) Dasha Design. 5) Wisteria.              
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