07 June 2015

Old + New

My appreciation for vintage decor is long established: I discovered after college that flea market finds satisfied both my limited budget and my desire for originality, and later took my passion to the next level when I owned a vintage furniture and home goods store in Philadelphia (RevivalSmith). Having worked as a visual merchandiser for ABC Carpet & Home for almost 2 years, I've now come to see the beauty in sleek modernity. The most interesting spaces to me are those that combine disparate styles that shouldn't be compatible in a way that enhances the qualities of each. In the bedroom above by PROjECT Interiors, the weathered doors behind the bed keep the modern furnishings from feeling cold and serious. I've always had a penchant for the underdog so when an expensive space is inclusive of distressed salvage, it feels like a win. When I renovated a rowhome in Philadelphia a few years ago (featured in this post), an old barn door was the first addition to my living room. In my home there will always be room for the decorating equivalent of the velveteen rabbit.     


Images: 1) Home Adore. 2) Apartment Therapy. 3) Nicety. 4) Blog 'n' Blogs. 5) We Heart. 6) Architectural Digest. 7) Indecora.                                   
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