08 April 2016

Dressing Rooms

The last time I wrote a post about dressing rooms was 5 years ago and it makes me laugh to see that I had a good sense of what New York living would entail. At the time, I wasn't even considering a move to Manhattan. But when I closed my vintage furniture store in 2013, I began considering all options and New York quickly became the best one. I've lived in a couple of apartments now and clothing storage has proven challenging. So the dream of a big closet that can hold not only my clothes but an armchair and vanity table continues to be elusive. While these versions are practical and elegant, mine would be a little less formal. I would need boho and industrial touches to feel at home -- maybe a mudcloth armchair and a copper pipe wall-mounted fixture. But chances are that when I finally realize my dream of a big dressing room, my design scheme will have been revised several times over.                       

Images: 1) Tidbits & Twine. 2) Apartment Therapy. 3) Architectural Digest. 4) Hooked on Houses. 5) Traditional Home.                        
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