23 March 2013

Spring Greens

Spring is officially here, Easter is around the corner, and I'm feeling green. Kelly, mint, olive and emerald -- there's room for all of them at my table.

Images: 1) Elle Decor, December 2012. 2) Campagne Decoration, May/June 2010. 3) House Beautiful, March 2012. 4) House Beautiful, October 2012. 5) Country Living, May 2012. 6 & 7) Country Living, November 2012. 8) British Homes & Gardens, March 2012. 9) Flea Market Style, Winter 2012. 10) Clockwise from top left: Campagne Decoration, July/Aug 2011; House Beautiful, Dec 2012/Jan 2013; Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill; House Beautiful, May 2010.

15 March 2013

If I Were a Casting Director...

Eva Amurri as Loretta Young
Continuation of this post.

Laura Carmichael as Barbara Stanwyck

Olivia Wilde as Veronica Lake

Alexis Dziena as Leslie Caron

Images: Pinterest.
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