30 April 2011

Pallet Furniture

I recently discovered Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board for all the images that capture us on the web--and I'm now hooked on the constantly updated stream of funny, thought-provoking and inspiring images its members discover. As far as interiors go, I've been noticing trends in the images that are being pinned. One trend that I'm loving is the stacking of shipping pallets as daybeds, sofas and coffee tables. I love this idea on several levels. Firstly, it's extremely inexpensive. Pallets are a necessity of the shipping process that often end up in landfills when their initial task has been fulfilled. I've seen Ikea sell them for a song, which makes them the perfect candidate for recycling. But none of this would matter a bit if the end result wasn't gorgeous. To me these photos are proof that style doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and that a couple of rustic pallets create a perfect place to crash at the end of the day, among other things.

1 comment:

meg + andy said...

these ideas are SO incredible! we have a retired neighbor who makes it his hobby to collect discarded pallets everyday and then cut them up for firewood. Now i kinda want to ask him if i could have a few! ;)

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