31 July 2011

Jewelry Walls

Over the years I've collected so much costume jewelry that I now have five or six different containers -- some of them no fancier than a cardboard box -- to house all of my trinkets. Not being a morning person, I end up reaching for one of the same two pairs of earrings each day and leaving my accessorizing at that rather than digging through my collection for something fresh to wear. For this reason, and because good jewelry really is art, I love the idea of a jewelry wall. Having my favorite pieces on display with framed prints and photos would not only add some inspiration to my morning routine, but it would also give me a rotating gallery of sparkle to dress up my walls. 

1 comment:

blue fruit said...

Some lovely ideas here. So luxurious an effect - to have such pretty jewelery on display. Especially love the last image.

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