27 November 2011

Conversation Pits

It seems to me that conversation pits are begging for re-invention. When I was a kid, my grandfather had them in both his New York city living room and the house he rented during the summers. They were very much a product of their time -- heavily carpeted and populated by large couches and very little else. Back then, and still now, they were generally found in contemporary structures and were designed with a modern aesthetic. Today, houses have expanded in size and so have conversation pits -- which kind of defeats the purpose. My ideal sunken living room would reside in a small mountain lodge. Its focal point would be a simple stone fireplace. A tweed couch and a couple of leather club chairs would surround it and a vintage trunk between them would be filled with board games. All the makings of smores would be stored year-round in an antique jelly cupboard nearby. The space would be perfect for enjoying good company or for curling up alone with a wool blanket and a great read.

Me in the summer house conversation pit.

Images: Ouno DesignRedfinThe Room VoteThe Insane Domain, She Moves the Furniture.

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