25 July 2012

Project: Sun Fabric Cushions

One of the few art projects that I distinctly remember doing as a kid was placing flowers on white sun paper, letting it sit outdoors for a few minutes and then rinsing the paper off to find the flower outlines transferred onto an indigo blue background. When looking for an online source for sun print paper recently, I was intrigued to find that the technology has now also been applied to fabric. I had to try it. The cushions above that I just brought into the shop are the result. I traced antique penmanship art images onto a sheet of clear celluloid and then sewed the results into cushions with linen backs. I had to experiment a bit with time and placement, but I eventually managed to get the images to transfer clearly on the rich indigo color that I love so much. Here are a few more ideas via Pinterest for sun fabric projects. 

Images: RevivalSmithPinterest.

1 comment:

marian said...

Artistic and lovely. I'll try this in the future.

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