27 January 2015

Cape Crusader

Perhaps its because of the snowstorm that just blew through New York or the week I recently survived with no heat (and in the end no hot water), but I'm ready for winter to cough out its last deep freeze and spring to lead us into milder temperatures. I'm also getting tired of seeing nothing but a sea of black puffy nylon coats every time I step outside. Lightweight coats need to make their comeback and nothing fits the bill better than a cape or poncho. Whether a loose boho version or its more tailored woolen companion, I love the easy warmth and style that these mini coats provide. With these versions currently on the market, this will be the year that I incorporate a cape into my wardrobe.

1 comment:

Krista Vossler said...

lise, you can totally pull off this look! loved this post. so fun.

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