27 January 2011


Had I known that the last time I would have a walk-in closet was when I was a teenager, I probably would have made an effort to enjoy it more. Though it wasn't anything special, it did contain all of my clothing in one place -- which was a convenience I have since come to miss dearly. Since then, I've lived in dorm rooms, college apartments and old houses -- all of which have had either tiny closets or large closets with impossible access. The idea of assigning an entire room to function as a dressing room seems downright luxurious. With a space large enough to add a dresser and an armchair, I'm sure I would find reasons to hide out in my bunker of sorts. I suppose I should be grateful that I don't live in a shoebox in NYC, where I've heard ovens are often treated as an extension of the closet. Having to choose between baking and being well dressed is a mean predicament.

Images: Lonny magazine, Oct?Nov 2010 issue and Jan/Feb 2011 issue. Country Living magazine, November 2010 issue and October 2010 issue. House Beautiful magazine, May 2010 issue. Fresh Home magazine, Summer 2010 issue.

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