29 June 2010

Art: Making Walls Talk

Wrapped by Tastes Orangey

What makes a person respond to a work of art is as mysterious as what causes two people to fall in love. It's different for everyone and can change with the years, particularly if an attractive exterior is found to be lacking in substance. I have found that the pieces I've been able to live with the longest are those that manage to be both simple and striking. They are the pieces that don't shout to be noticed, but rather beckon to me. And when my eyes pass over them, they are drawn back for another view. These pieces by a handful of Etsy artists are the stuff that classics are made of in my house. The fact that I have zero ability to draw or paint makes me that much more enamored of their work.

Emma No. 2 by No Flying in the House

Baucis by Lisa Chow

Three Generations by Rudolf Kurz

Always by Michele Maule

Stretched across Space by Planet Janet Art

Girl in the Yellow Suit by Kiki and Polly

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