13 June 2010

Photography: Vacation Redux

Nothing clears the clutter from my brain like a vacation abroad. It's always a welcome pause from the tiny daily stresses that, like a cloud of humming gnats, gain momentum the closer they travel together. I begin to unwind the moment I settle into my airplane seat, despite the fact that the passenger in front of me has invariably settled into my lap the instant the "Keep seatbelts fastened" light goes out. The first day of my trip reminds me to be patient with myself as I acclimate to the local language/customs/vibe. But once I'm rested and have eased into the newness of a place, the rest is discovery and wonder.

The pictures I've taken on these trips are a reminder not only of the places I've visited, but also of the unburdened state of mind I was in at the time. But not every year is a vacation year. So bringing a few of the standouts out of the photo album, or off the hard drive, and arranging them on a wall is a visual reminder of the good times. I frame a few and attach others to transparent clipboards I found at Target so that I can switch them out periodically.

Some of my favorite photos are those that could not have been planned. A moment presented itself and somehow my camera was at the ready. 

A Parisian roofer took a break from his work six stories high to chat with his girlfriend on his cell phone.

These days you never know who is listening in on your conversation. A statue at the Louvre takes precautions.

Jet Lag can strike anywhere--even on a hard museum bench.

A London flash mob spells out a warning and then disappears into the crowd of shoppers in Harrods.

A little girl at her daycare in Cape Town's Khayelitsha Township.

 I hope these South Africans didn't have a long trip ahead of them--especially the one keeping the window steady.

I happened down an alley in Simon's Town, South Africa, and met with this vision.


Monsterchef said...

Je veux savoir que la statue se trouve au musée du Louvre? merci

Lise said...

Yes (Oui), the whispering statue is at the Louvre.

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