24 July 2010

Courtyard Gardens

Ever since reading The Secret Garden as a girl, I've loved the idea of a walled-in garden. A courtyard garden is both an outdoor space and an extension of the home--a bonus room. Some may dream of wide open spaces, but I dream of a little patch of the outdoors that is completely private. A courtyard is the perfect place to experiment with plants without having to tend to a lawn, while providing an appealing spot to pause for breakfast or dinner. The garden above, which I photographed in Savannah, lured me through timeworn shutters to lean in for a closer look. The following images illustrate that four walls under open sky, plus greenery and comfortable seating, add up to a dose of tranquility.

Images: Campagne Decoration magazine, May/June 2010 issue. Inside Out magazine; Jan/Feb 2009 issue, August 2003 issue, July 2004 issue, June 2004 issue.

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