02 August 2010


As this bronzed letter "G" that I sold on Etsy last year shows, I have a bit of a thing for typography. A single letter or number paired with art or odds and ends has no purpose other than to delight. But for that reason alone, it proves its worth. Grouped together, mismatched letters can be turned into a sign that broadcasts a passion or a room's purpose. In the same way, a phrase painted along a wall or on risers adds interest where there is otherwise just blank space. Done right, these words or phrases can add the balance of humor or gravity to a room's decor. Done poorly, they can be cheesy or sentimental. We've all seen houses whose owners were a little too familiar with the stenciling process. The following spaces are examples of what captures my attention--and not a typographical error in sight.

Images: BBC Homes & Antiques magazine, July 2010 issue. Living, Etc. magazine, February 2010 issue. Inside Out magazine, January/February 2008 issue. The Comforts of Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Ryland, Peters & Small 2010. Recycled Home by Mark & Sally Bailey with photography by Debi Treloar, Ryland, Peters & Small 2009.

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