08 August 2010

Black & White

Because we moved a lot when I was growing up, the houses/apartments my family lived in were always understood to be temporary. My father wanted to keep the interiors neutral for the sake of the next owners, which meant that white walls ruled my childhood environment. Once I was out in my own space, I relished painting my walls and decorating with color. What some folks consider to be chic and elegant--an all-white house--is what I consider a decorating tool of last resort. On the other hand, dedicating one room or part of a room to a black & white scheme is another story altogether. A bedroom with white walls and linens, black painted trim and the occasional pinch of color can be extremely soothing to an over-stimulated brain. Small vignettes of black and white items strike a classic note and a bathroom with black/white checkered tile, white towels and vintage plumbing fixtures can be equally modern and retro. Old movies are not the only vehicles for cool black and white style.

Images: At Home with Country: Bringing the Comforts of Country Home by Christina Strutt, photography by Edina Van Der Wyck, publisher Cico Books 2010. Inside Out magazine January-February 2009 issue, May-June 2010 issue, May-June 2009 issue, and March-April 2009 issue. Living etc magazine, August 2009 issue.

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