10 February 2011

Project: Chalkboard Paint

I'm a little bit in love with chalkboard paint. It's an easy solution when a piece of furniture has an appealing design but a not-so-nice finish. I've used it most on desks and workbenches (above and below) because it heightens their functionality. Who needs post-its when you can scribble notes to yourself in chalk and erase them when they no longer apply (a greener solution than scraps of paper). 

Chalkboard paint can turn a wall into a message board or a place to publish favored quotes and sayings. I'm tempted to paint the wall next to my shop door so that customers can treat it as an informal guest book. Now that chalkboard paint comes in virtually every color, there's no reason not to indulge in what used to be childish misbehavior -- drawing on the walls.

Images: RevivalSmith, Casual Living: No-Fuss Style for a Comfortable Home by Judith Wilson, photography by Polly Wreford, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, 2010. Living etc magazine, February 2010 issue.

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