08 January 2011

Boxing Shelves

A new year often brings plans to get organized and I have the same good intentions as everyone else. My father loves to tell me that, as a girl, my room would gradually turn into a tornado disaster scene until I couldn't stand it anymore. I would then completely clean and re-organize, keeping my space perfect for a month or so until everything would deteriorate again. Unfortunately, a bit of that girl remains. These single drawers and clusters of boxes stacked on the floor or hung on walls don't do much to eliminate clutter, but they create gathering spots for pieces that shouldn't be tucked away. That leaves a little room in drawers and cupboards to hide the things no one wants to see.

Images: Living etc magazine, January 2011 issue. Easy Elegance: creating a relaxed, comfortable and stylish home by Atlanta Bartlett, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, 2009. Living etc magazine, July 2010 issue. Honey's TreasuresCaptain Cat.

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