14 January 2011


I recently purchased a set of five lockers and nearly cursed my decision when I had to unbolt about thirty hard-to-reach bolts to separate them into two parts so that I could get them home. But despite the effort required to transport them home, I've always loved these reliable institution dwellers. The upright variety are great in mudrooms for hanging coats and hiding boots, while the square cubby style looks great on a feature wall and provides extra storage for small treasures. Leaving one or two doors open beckons visitors to lean in for a closer view of its contents. Teen movies would have us believe these rows of tin soldiers were invented for bullies to lock away their marks. But anyone with imagination knows that they are only parked in schools and recreational centers until their true owners discover them cast aside at auctions and in antique shops.

Images: Simply Scandinavian by Sara Norrman, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, 2010. Old & New: combining past and present in contemporary homes by Katherine Sorrell, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, 2002. Apartment: stylish solutions for apartment living by Alan Powers, photography by Chris Everard, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, 2001. InsideOut magazine, May-June 2009 issue.

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